2017: A discussion about this upcoming year of surprises. (1 JAN 2017)

The most significant item is that I begin a new full time secular job on Tues. 3 JAN. This means that the opportunity to write posts on Facebook will essentially evaporate, & unless it pans out to switch my radio show to Sundays, my new radio show will also be terminated. I realize this will disappoint lots of readers/listeners, (I would estimate that each post has about 1,000 readers, while the new radio show only has about 100 listeners.) In terms of dealing with things, my articles over the last few years have given plenty of info & advice, so I am confident my readers have already had presented & perhaps absorbed enough understanding & advice to be successful. You just need to apply what you know. And about 800 of my back articles are linked on my website pentracks dot com under the March 2016 articles’ link. Where things may cramp my reader’s style is that I won’t be able to give my insights on upcoming things, therefore now I’ll discuss this upcoming year, as I see it.

TRUMP. I see Trump getting inaugurated as President, as it should be. I see the PTSNB will continue to harass & destabilize what he is trying to do. As they continue to cause problems in an attempt to prevent his success, they will continue to lose credibility with the public at large. Soros & gang have not given up…but are bumping up against opposition. The snowflakes who were emotionally invested in the lies of main stream media are going to continue pouting.

ISRAEL. Israel in Hebrew means “God prevails”. The name was originally given to Jacob, who prevailed over an angel to give him a blessing. Likewise, we should also hold on for God’s blessing, especially as things continue to get shakier in 2017. There are destabilizing forces at work to bring trouble to the natural state of Israel, and I expect Israel to be having some big troubles, even though Trump will back them as an ally.

HOUSING MARKET. Credit to buy houses will dry up, and banks will put foreclosed houses on the market…which will make it a buyer’s market if you have cash & don’t need credit. Why? because banks will have to offer discounts to “cash” buyers to move their foreclosed houses when loans to buy houses are rare.

GLOBAL ECONOMY. I expect lots of quick ups & downs, things will be volatile. Things are shaking. Will all the shaking cause a big global collapse?? Some think so, but past predictions (even whispered info from insiders) has not been holding true…so I have a wait & see attitude. I think we are watching a clash between segments of the insiders…so the question is how will that play out? I think it can all be compared to a fragile house built on sand–when will the storm wash it away?? At some pt. a big enough storm will do the job…& the collapse of currency will be convenient for the elite to bring in their cashless society. Of course, barter will work until they outlaw it. The question is when will various bubbles around the World burst. And how will emerging technologies help things? Honestly, I don’t know.

ANTARCTICA. Don’t be surprised if this ends up in the news. If there are the remains of ancient sites, then the unveiling of this, could wipe out previous world views. The signs that they want to unveil “aliens” and other things to destabilize standard Christian beliefs are there. One just wonders when they will finally play these cards, what are they waiting for?

CONCLUSION. This year looks like a volatile year, where things are bouncing all over. The good news is that Trump’s presidency is settled, and we can get on with making America great. But it looks to me to be a likely year of surprises.


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