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    <span style=”font-size: 18pt”>I am Moderator of this Forum.</span>

    I am known here as The Outsider, I am also the Moderator of this wiki for Mind Control victims who wish to deprogram their minds. Please read along find out more about why the name, what it means and who I am.

    I am a male in my mid 40’s and live in Australia. I am an outsider in Sojan’s world but I am also his personal friend. He is the main author of this wiki. And I have much respect for him as a person.

    I can vouch for the reality of Mind Control and I have done extensive research into this subject. Though I am open to the crazy concepts of the Internal Worlds and the complexity of the Programming, I do not have the experiences of a survivour (thankfully for me) so I do not have all of the answers that Sojan holds within his complex mind. I have also found people closer to me that are obvious victims of MK Ultra Mind Control due to the nature of their programming. Under my nose for years and I was totally unaware of them being any different from me until some things I said bought out the telling signs, I then saw the breadcrumbs everywhere.

    I am what is commonly known as an “Outsider” hence the user name. I am someone who has not been subjected to any form of Mind Control, you could say that my MIND is my own. Lucky for me I am not “Programmable” due to my inability to “Disassociate” or see the world from the perspective of the “3rd Person”.

    I have been what is commonly known as AWAKE since early 1993 and I have done in depth research on nearly every Conspiracy that is on the web past & present. This includes the reality of The Illuminati & who they really are. Now that I have found the truth that I sought for so long as most of us are, I became aware of 2 truths.

    1. The group is REAL and they are Human Beings up to the level just below the EYE.

    2. There really isn’t any need to FEAR them.

    So through my friendship with Sojan I have been able to verify the truth of not only his story, but also the reality that the deprogramming works and Sojan has himself successfully reintegrated the vast number of alters that existed in his Internal Worlds into one single identity.

    When I first met him I spoke to at least 5 distinct individuals at various times, each distinctive from the others even down to the way that they wrote things including the emoji’s they used, one was female and I was convinced that I was communicating with a woman who I thought had hijacked Sojan’s PC. Eventually one by one they disappeared as they were merged into the one distinct individual that I speak to nearly a daily basis.

    I want to also state though I am not qualified officially to give a diagnosis of someone’s sanity I have been employed as a carer for people who are actually Clinically Insane and the man I know is not Insane. He is actually highly intelligent, articulate, and is kind, he also means no harm to befall anyone, a very Zen type of person.

    What he has achieved is a remarkable thing. He has “Hacked or Pwned” their prized tool of control and he has essentially done this on his own, he has also instead of seeking riches by writing a book or made videos telling his tale and getting his 2 minutes of fame, he has instead created this wiki as a means of helping others through his own personal experiences and he does not want money for doing so.
    I believe that what he is trying to achieve here is very noble but it most importantly is a much needed resource that would/could benefit Millions of people worldwide from all walks of life, who have been subjected to any of the many types of Mind Control. The hard part is getting past the stigmas of crazy guy and the Mental Health professions. It is also that most people who are Mind Controlled is that they are oblivious to their own reality of being controlled, these poor individuals need to be treated with much care and compassion to assure that their ego doesn’t get too overwhelmed or their suicide programming gets activated.

    I have been entrusted as “The Moderator” of this wiki by Sojan and I take this role seriously, I don’t take SHIT and I love to hate Trolls & Schills. I will ban any of the aforementioned without hesitation and will laugh as I do so. I am not a total ASSHOLE either, but I can at times come across as being somewhat arrogant. Please do not get all upset if I seem rude to your comment, you will know if I have it out for you. My rudeness is usually associated to your Ignorance. If you need any assistance feel free to PM me, all I ask from you is courtesy and a concise/legible question. I will show you courtesy in return and I will make every effort to answer your question with a legible reply.

    Peace Out.


    I am not quite sure if I am using this properly, but I am trying to post my story to get info out. I encountered this secret society called TDA (the devil’s advocate/devil’s angels) down in this hell-hole town in Southern Virginia (Buena Vista) that has this univeresity front. Although I would not call it a real university- it is not even accredited& it is total& complete shit. The name of the university is Southern Virginia University (although I would intentionally not capitalize this shit because that’s the thing it does not deserve to be capitalized). I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of it. If you google the school you will find it is a Mormon school, and I think we all know how that one works. I have a horrible, awful story, and was used in a very sick satanic ritual. Although I, myself, am not a victim of MK-Ultra or Monarch mind control. I may not have needed to mention that though. I am also looking for friends. I am also trying to help some programmed multiples who simply need help out of their satanic cults, and could use some help. If you any info, or could be of any help let me know please. Thank you.


    hi my name is Jerry and i pastor a church that works with people who are sra and Illuminati victims. i saw the post Celeste wrote and if i could be of any help im available. my email is [email protected]


    Thank you. I just got your post& just sent an email. I was also hoping anyone could give some advice for illuminati members who are trying to leave with their kids? A few of them, I guess you could say have the typical mother of darkness for wives/mothers- sick, possessive, watching their every move, one of them is a black widow…And some of these hopefully-soon-to-be former elites are celebrities which makes it even more difficult, you know like if that wasn’t difficult enough. They have individuals watching their every fucking move who don’t allow them to be with their kids unless there is supervision which makes it very difficult for them to just take their kids& leave. Then in the mean time they are trying to sacrifice a few of them, two of them also being celebrities with kids who are some of the ones who particularly have sick, possessive mother(s) of darkness for (ex)wives/girlfriends/mother(s)….Any advice or help?



    It’s hard however possible. I am sorry for anyone who has to wake up to this, let alone be involved.

    I can suggest a few places to start researching. From what I know, it is extremely hard to get real help for this anywhere. You may get lucky, however I haven’t heard of many success stories if at all.

    From people offering help for healing from the trauma mind control, there seems to be a few routes. Psychiatrists can give medications, however will generally disregard any of the content as delusions. Psychologists wont give medications, and some may even understand ‘The Family’, however this is a low chance.

    The other end of the spectrum is the spiritual ministries which offer spiritual assistance to alters. In some cases this can work however isn’t a solution for everyone. Given the nature of the mind control, religious themes maybe off putting for some survivors.

    The best approach is a wholesome combination of therapeutic means, spiritual work and proper deprogramming knowledge. Therapists and ministries will just focus on one of the previous three areas. However combined, these can become powerful tools of healing.

    The survivor has to seek their own help and try to heal on their own accord if they cannot find anyone to help. I have compiled my own work, with the help of others, a guide on how to do these things. https://deprogramwiki.com/deprogramming/deprogramming-modalities-for-trauma-mind-control-survivors/

    It’s broken down into categories, mainly PROGRAMMING, DEPROGRAMMING and INTERNAL WORLDS. Take a look at the deprogramming section https://deprogramwiki.com/deprogramming/deprogramming-modalities-for-trauma-mind-control-survivors/#DEPROGRAMMING as that covers issues you are currently facing.

    For other materials, Svali would be most helpful. https://deprogramwiki.com/category/svali/ you can read through her work, and it is also linked throughout Deprogramming Modalities. Reading into her story, she also had a family with children. She had to leave everything, however after some years she was able to get her children and ex-husband and help them also leave The Family.

    Try your hardest to post your story here, whatever you like. That’s up to you. I found writing and keeping a journal day to day of what’s going on really helps, especially longer term as you recover more memories and piece events together. Keep us updated here. : )

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