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    I am unsure about whether this is correct. From what I have heard there is a fundamental difference between chemicals and plants. Chemicals simply affect our neurochemistry whereas plants have a spirit. Healing comes through connection with the spirit of the plant (even if we are not conscious of the fact that we are connecting with the spirit of the plant, we still can make a connection with it). Plants can also be used by the dark forces for programming purposes, nonetheless I think that in general they do more good than harm.

    I am personally on anti-psychotic medication, which has certain positive effects on my concentration and other things but also slows down the mental processes and gives a certain drunkenness. My own cult programming began from a combination of Alcohol and Ecstacy (somewhat like the MkUltra project where they used a combination of Barbiturates and Amphetamine as a truth serum).

    Please think very carefully before using synthetic chemicals. Mushrooms are much more real and earthy than LSD, for example. I can’t off the top of my head think of something with the same effects as MDMA (maybe actual love rather than the false MDMA “love buzz”…) but Ayahuasca apparently causes a long term increase of serotonin in the brain – unlike MDMA which poisons and destroys the brain’s serotonin receptors. Ayahuasca contains DMT as well. To use this brew, find a reputable Shaman who uses only plants rather than chemicals follows tradiional indigenous disciplines such as not allowing the presence of menstruating women. Treat all of these plants with respect, thank their spirits for the help they give you, use them in a positive environment (get away from the noisy toxic city…)



    Hi shankara! Thanks for your insights.

    In a deprogramming sense I have found that plant based drugs, or whatever you like to call them – do have a more powerful healing effect when it comes to deprogramming. I have made notes of some of these in Deprogramming Modalities, including how DMT can relieve the burdens of guilt.

    Psychiatric medications in my experiences dampen the deprogramming process and make it much harder, as it makes that effect of slowed mental processes system wide, meaning every alter is also experiencing it. They maybe okay for a short term relief if you are stuck, however longer term other means of medicine need to be sought.

    LSD and MDMA for example would have some benefit in the deprogramming process, however only at certain stages. And then again this is not for everyone and is most likely illegal in many countries. On the other hand CBD oil is legal in some countries and much less intense, and provides much more benefits than psychiatric pharmaceutical medicines.

    So overall I’ve found the best medicine wise for myself has been CBD oil. It’s 100% natural plant based and can be taken daily and provides the best relief for PTSD symptoms. When they are at their worst I can have some CBD oil and a few minutes later I’m feeling much better, even mentally relieved. It’s very handy to have. Although it’s cannabis yes, it has no THC and provides no high. Worth researching into if you are seeking to try new things to help for day to day life.

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