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Sojan, I just wanted to tell you that I’m still alive, I haven’t been murdered or commit suicide. I hope you are also still alive and haven’t been murdered or commit suicide. I’m very worried about you, I love you, I hope you’re ok. Just know I would never be angry at you about anything for any reason. I hope you’re not angry at me for any reasons. Please private message me to tell me that you’re safe and ok. I love you more than you would even understand and all I want is just for you to be happy. I have never ever done anything with the intention to harm or annoy you, if I have harmed or annoyed you in any way, please know that’s it’s been entirely accidental and unintentional. You’re honestly the only person I trust in the whole world, and I feel like your help and support and kindness to me is the only reason I’ve had the strength to not commit suicide despite being in constant pain having to endure what feels like nothing but sadistic cruelty from other people for my entire life.