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Dear Sojan,

My children and I are survivors. I have 4 children. 13, 4, 3 & 5 month. My 13 year old is kept from me. When i have had him he becomes very anxious and suicidal. I didn’t know we are programmed until Nov 2016. My family has isolated so i am only sourounded by colt memebers. By tue time i figured out they were deciving me down a path of entrapment theres was already so much damage done every escape attempt judt lead ke into the hands of another colt memeber where more abuse happened. Up until 2 months ago i thought my mother was rescuing me from what was going on by moving ke around but little did i know she was leading me to the next trap. I have nobody. My phone is tapped. I have no income accept $800 a month my mother gives me on a debit card thats in her name. They have stole mine and my kids birth certificsted ss cards to maoe it hard for md to gdt help outside of them. They sabatoge my vehical so it’s always over heating and the ac doesnt work so i camt go far living in arizona in the summer heat. They seem to have pool in the system with police, community resources for fincial assistance, even churches. Im afraid to continue to contact the police and behavioral health services because i fear they have begun to peg me as crazy and could easily set me up to take my children. The grocery store amd everywhere else we go colt memebers go out of their way to make eye contact with my kids and eye. I noticed after this contact accures my kids go haywire where they are even deaf to my voice i cant gain control. safety becomes a factor. Plus alot od the places im visiting have my address even ss# because im there seeking rental assisntance utility assistance etc. I fear they call cps thinking my kids behavior is going to lead to a knock on the door from cps. My main question is how do we find a safe place to go during rehabilitation where colt memebers wont be?

How do i deprogram my children who arent reading this material?

And how can i ever go back to work knowing the last two darecares abused one of my boys now realizing this was colt related. I fear they are planning a kidnapping of my children. I know i habe escapped them murdering me several times by the grace of God. Im lost how to help myself.

How do i know if a new friend is colt?

Are white supremacist colt memebers? A guy seems to be open to listening to me and i think wpuld even allow us to move in but im afraid sharing a home with somebosy only gives an open soor for them to access us.