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When someone is starting to come undone as I like to think of it, how can one be sure that the memories coming forward to the conscious mind are actually real and not something from the internal worlds? Some of the memories seem like a fantasy world at times where others seem so real but are they really REAL?

Svali has written a blog post about this very topic actually, and after reading it it’s very similar to what I’d write anyway. Check them out! Here is a link to one, with the others on the Wiki easy enough to find.

To put it short, after some deprogramming work and staying free from accessing then yes you can eventually learn everything that happened with accuracy. That’s one reason why programmers and handlers are fearful of amnesia breaking, because if the survivor eventually does get away then all the memories may lead to their whole unit being compromised, or breached.

Did you have any friends who are not affected by programming, what makes them so different from someone who has?

I’m unsure 100%. While looking back on my younger days, in high school and Uni – not everyone around me was mind controlled obviously. Even throughout those days my main social groups were kept within ‘The Family’. Most of these people also have symptoms of split personalities.

However some also don’t. Social groups can mix and it can be very hard for The Family to control 100% all social interactions day to day by survivors. That is why they rely on internal programming to sabotage relations outside The Family, to keep it all in The Family.

Did everyone think you were delusional or did some believe you to be telling the truth at the time you were coming undone?

It was really a mixed bag. I tried to keep in mind that being surrounded by cult members for my life ofcourse they’d say otherwise.

Probably about 95% of people would think it’s crazy and then there’s the other 5% that understand what it is and send messages of thankyou which makes it worthwhile.

I learned a lot from these experiences so they have made their way into the Deprogramming Modalities work to help other survivors avoid the same mistakes I made when it comes to this topic and telling the wrong kinds of people.

I have heard that some think that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are under some type of mind control, what is your opinion of those rumours?

While I can’t really comment directly for these two persons, especially Snowden – I can only say that it’s better for a person to research it themselves. Because I don’t know want to know! 🙂

For Julian, I watched a lot of videos about him when I was younger. When in interviews and discussing his past he mentions two narratives. One is where he was in a traveling circus, and had to move around a lot.

The other is that he was in ‘The Great White Brotherhood’. Although that is rarely discussed. So the Julian Assange and ‘The Family’ connection is out there, although hard to find and subtle. So given this involvement I’d say that Julian would have been affected by trauma mind control and without any indication of deprogramming I can only assume at the least his deeper levels are intact. If this was the case then Julian Assange would be a mind controlled asset, most likely related to MI6 and The Royal Family – or at least used by them as a mind control slave.

These types of questions would really open a can of worms onto world stage events, perhaps even give insight to the invisible mind control proxy wars which have ravaged the earth for the last half century!

All of Mr Assanges woes appear to come from MI6. I only hope he has a good outcome with his current crisis… or else! The top most secrets of MI6 are stored in the cockney east London language, with a special MI6 twist. Repeating that, the top most secrets of MI6 and ‘The Family’ are in cockney.

I’d be more than happy to retype the cockney from my photographic memory with an English translation straight up on that wiki front page. Be nice to Assange!!!

Edward Snowden from what I know was high in the CIA. Fritz Springmeier writes enough about this organisation and their hierarchy. Could a non mind controlled person be that high up? And if he is mind controlled, what of the leaks? These are the types of questions we should be asking.

I honestly don’t know about Snowdens situation or past, however if someone dug deep enough and knew what they were looking for they may find something. There are obvious bread crumb trails that are left behind if people dig deep enough.

So to summarise, I learned about Assange by watching his videos and a lot about him many years ago and was able to deduce that mind control maybe involved with himself. For Snowden, I cannot say because I haven’t looked into it.