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Here is some more information about authors and persons involved, it was a comment on reddit here

In terms of previous persons, who can be regarded as the ‘Satanic Whistleblower OGs’ (Original Gangsters) – The one I believe is under the radar too much is ‘Cisco’. She was high up within The Family and co-authored with Fritz Springmeier his books in the late eighties and early nineties.

Without her efforts and the burdens they undertook to make such books the DeprogramWiki website would not exist and I’d still be a 100% clueless mind controlled slave.

Svali’s writings have been invaluable for myself, even from the very start of my initial realisation of being involved with The Family – many years ago. Without her efforts or her information it would have been extremely difficult for myself to even have made as much deprogramming progress as I have and the DeprogramWiki would not exist also.

The ‘Deprogramming Modalities’ would also not exist as it is today without the efforts and burdens of another persons mentioned on the wiki. This is the reason why there is a mix of Australian and American spelling throughout the work. Some day we may talk again to each other, I still have a lot of respect for this person. I feel she is doing okay.

So these are just a few people. There would be many, many others fighting in their own way. Shout outs to these original freedom fighters, not only the Satanic whistleblowers, but all those in Government or any positions to blow the whistle out of moral courage while standing on the moral high ground. 2018 is the turning point. 🙂

Supporting Authors
Sure Svali’s books are available on Amazon, however how much of that money ends up with her after Amazon takes some?

About one year ago Svali had sent me the It’s not Impossible PDF. I was able to PayPal her without her knowing by taking a guess with the email she had used to send it. So perhaps contact her on her website to find out the best way to support her as I am unsure myself.


You can make a PayPal donation to Fritz Springmeier with his email address [email protected] – and there is a link here on his official website although his website hasn’t been updated in some time and could be improved as the donate button also has issues, I’d be happy to overhaul his website for free if he’d be open to something like that.
For myself and the DeprogramWiki website I’ve only received a total of about $15usd over the past few years in donations in bitcoin. The bitcoin address to donate bitcoin is at the bottom of the Wiki. For example the last donation went to extending the wiki domain name by one year. 🙂

I have enough work to keep a roof over my head and the wiki flowing. So in this way I am okay and only ask to share the Wiki with others on social medias if you wish to support it.

Any monies better to donate to Svali and Fritz if you want to support anyone that way,