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What is the level of awareness that the cult programmers involved have in this? I am aware they are programmed DID also, but am sure that many are allowed to be given more awareness or ‘secrets’ (although likely still tapered to deceive them), that carries into their fronts and conscious awareness. What are your thoughts on this?

Everyone in the cult has a clueless front personality, so the assumption should be that programmers and handlers also are unaware. There are some few however that may have learned some aspects of the cult, yet upon realising the cult gave up and surrendered. Their front alters may have some faint idea of what is happening yet wont have full access to everything.

Even the handlers front alters will fall into denial and other pitfalls. So most wont even get passed that.

These handlers are given slightly more benefits in the cult, however they are still just as much slaves as the ones they need to manage. Think like a jail guard, they still have to sit outside the cell all day and night. They may get some more benefits, yet are still imprisoned the same way. It still is a bogus deal regardless.

What are the best or most notable tips you have found on preventing reaccessing?

The accessing was a hard one for me to solve and learn more about. Only after about four years of trying to get out that I finally had learned about accessing, the extent it was happening to myself and also how to detect and combat the accessing.

At the start it is very difficult, however the survivor must persist. Accessing happens a lot in many different ways. In my first years I always had imagined accessing as a big scary thing where people rush in and do whatever they want, and that’s partly true.

Survivors can be accessed in many different ways, and Svali touches on some in her new book. Through smart phones, Facebook and anything with a screen is used to chat with deeper alters while the survivor is unaware. Subliminal messages are also flashed, so it’d be smart for a survivor to delete Facebook and avoid using a smart phone or computer if they are able to. Especially for the beginning stages of deprogramming.

The biggest problems with re-accessing come from the survivor themselves. While the front maybe trying to get away there are deeper alters that are still loyal to the cult and will report any progress and communicate with the cult. This could be with emails, sms or a phone call to arrange when to meet next or anything.

The front alter is obviously unaware that any of that is going on and no trace of anything will be left to find. It takes time however it is possible to undo these things and get to a safer location if you persist. I had to cut off all ties with my Family and some friends and moved far away. Although sadly some survivors maybe less fortunate to have that freedom and will be stuck in the cycles of cult abuse until they are able to prevent accessing and deprogram safely.

What are your ideas on a healthy life with DID, once generally safe from reaccessing? Do you believe integration is a positive, likely or achievable end goal? Do you think it is achievable to become somewhat fully deprogrammed, in where there are no more parts that are able to be accessed unknowingly?

Yes integration is achievable and it is also possible to live a healthy life with DIDs. Once re-accessing is prevented it becomes much easier I found. Integration was different to what I thought it would be many years ago.

At the moment in my internal worlds I have an apartment with The Maxx living here for a while now. He has no where else to go really so there is a room here, however his room is very mysterious as no one knows what is in it. No one except The Maxx has been in his room so it’s all a big secret.

After living with The Maxx for a while we started to have the same sayings and habits. Kind of similar to that move Step Brothers. When The Maxx first moved in, he moved in with another alter. However after some time she had left back to her own house due to how silly things had gotten.

So strangely enough it’s rather hilarious sometimes. I have to laugh at the stupid names The Maxx gives things, like the ‘foodsforulater’ and other strange unique names. Just recently also there is another Maxx that appeared, however we ended up calling this one ‘Blueberry Babiest Maxx’ since this Maxx only likes blueberries and some Beach Boys songs… and that’s it really.

So in the apartment there are some Maxx’s merged together and I think when this Blueberry Babiest Maxx grows up a bit he may merge into The Maxx. He is growing up fast and is constantly eating blueberries at all hours in the internal worlds.

So the trick seems to be time and just growing up. Maybe picking up on others habits after living in the space internal worlds space for some time are signs of integration. So these things are interesting to think about.

Otherwise if I was being accessed constantly I’d never have this much internal worlds clarity and the alters most likely would be their younger ages. Growing down seems to be a big part of accessing as it’s the main tactic to keep a survivor at bay if they make too much progress.

What are your ideas on remaining in contact or friends with those who you are aware are programmed and still being used within the cult, although possibly with a front that has amnesia/denial/avoidance of this truth? Seems rather unwise to remain in contact with them if you can’t help them, but if you have no other support, do you think this is ok, if you are careful? Do you think they will be currently programmed to bring the survivor back in? Do you think they are aware of this, but lie? Apologies that this one is pretty detailed.

I had long thought of these same questions myself. To find answers I generally look at other survivors and see how they have handled the same situations. I also have learned the hard way with my own personal experiences and keeping in contact with some survivors.

I noticed Svali never kept in contact with any other cult members, family or friends. I also have made the same decision recently to some extent.

If it’s obvious a survivor is still in the cult and being accessed a lot, there isn’t much you can really say. Survivors who are too programmed generally have the same social patterns which can be rather bizarre for other people, especially outsiders.

The pattern consists of somewhat of the programmed survivor baiting an insulting reply. This can be a series of messages which are insulting themselves, however for survivors still too in they generally don’t realise these things.

I was quick to lose my cool once in a situation like this and it ended badly. This social pattern will make no sense as the survivor still has a lot of scrambling programming built in. This means any logical or reasonable attempts to disprove or change an opinion simply wont work, as they are registered as completely different things.

So to put it simply, survivors who are too programmed and being accessed filter out any interaction that isn’t conductive for them staying in the cult. This same social pattern will end with self sabotage and an insulting message to never speak to that person again.

On the flip side there are other survivors who maybe neutral. Although you may never see them they may message you now and then, even after some time. In all cases it’s best to be aware that any of these interactions will at some point be reported to the cult.

It’s common for programmed survivors to call or message someone trying to leave, and ask questions about their future plans or what they think of certain things. These types of answers will be used against the survivor at some point.

If you are clever though and aware of these things, then it’s easy to lie to the answers to waste a bit more of their time and resources, although they seem to dislike that. So it’s best to try avoid these social interactions as much as possible, otherwise have caution.

If there is a survivor that is genuinely breaking out, then they will have different social patterns to survivors who are still very programmed. So these subtle differences are an easier way to tell if programming is genuinely breaking down and a survivor does need help or information.

Just as much as survivors who are still too programmed have the way they act and behave, the same can be said for survivors who also managed to get out and stay out for a while. So there are obvious differences.

Loneliness is exploited by the cult and survivors will go through these periods. Depraved of social interaction some survivors may just cave in to meeting cult members for various reasons and fall back into the cycles of abuse. If the survivor does cave in to these pitfalls, then more social interactions or friends will be provided as a reward and to also ensnare the survivor more long term.

I hope this information helps when it comes to friends and family. For myself it took some number of years to unlearn bad social habits and these days thankfully I can speak to most people okay. Otherwise it was very difficult not learning proper social interactions in the environment I grew up in.

So after some serious deprogramming work and re-learning some social skills it is easier to have friends who are outside the cult. I wrote how easily it is to potentially detect a mind controlled person, and this can be done subtly even in every day conversation. Once you know all these tricks it becomes a lot easier to see cult traps or other survivors trying to pull you back in.

Even overseas I’ve had obvious mind controlled persons who approach me. One older man offered me cheaper rent and did all these strange hand symbols. I also had the very strange feeling that I’ve seen him before, however I didn’t.

The hand symbols were all too obvious and finally he left after a good 20 minutes. He was also forceful to sit down and talk to me. The feeling of seeing him before was true as later on my other alters revealed to me he was at the rituals when we first landed here, and to avoid him at all costs.

Even that feeling of seeing people before yet you know you haven’t met them can be life saving, as it mostly means you have met them and then had amnesia, or met these persons when other non-front alters were out and about doing who knows what!