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What are the telltale signs of alter switching? The eyes go down and to the left correct? Anything other telling signs?

The eyes down and to the left is very broad. Any person a survivor or not may do this if they are remembering a feeling for example. Also some survivors are better at switching than others so it can be hidden easily also.

The common one is the eyes down and to the left, along with the eyes fully closed with the hands rubbing the temples. That’s the most obvious sign, however over the years the science of the trauma mind control has gotten better to stamp out most obvious signs.

That being said regardless if the trauma mind control is classic satanic or a lower cult groups attempt, or even any world government run mind control they all rely on personality splits. So it is easier to observe the subtle signs of symptoms of a split personality.

There are also other subtle ways to detect if a person maybe trauma mind controlled. The pattern the mind control leaves behind is very unique, so if you observe the bread crumbs the right way then it becomes obvious enough.

I have explored in Deprogramming Modalities the easiest and most subtle ways to detect mind control. Having the favourite colours green and then red, blue or black is very distinct, along with been unable to tell left from right without a visual que. In most cases survivors will hold up their left hand and make an L shape to tell.

There are then other subtle ways which I am writing about now and hope to update soon on the wiki. One of those is a ‘sunflower eyes’ effect, so discoloration of the iris. Also a lot of survivors I know seem to have a very bad case of sinusitis and sinus infections.

For myself I only found out I had sinusitis my whole life this year! Thankfully a saline sinus flush is the cure. After that it was very life changing. My hearing fully restored. The sinusitis was so bad that I even had bacteria infected mucus on my brain membrane, which caused some very strange cognitive effects.

So the combination of all these subtle things is the easiest way to tell a genuine survivor, as these specific combination of patterns do not exist anywhere else. My family for example all have the favourite colours ‘green and blue’, except for my mother who has ‘green and black’. All are unable to tell left from right without a visual que. So the pattern is common between all survivors of Illuminati programming.

How/what is life like for you and others after recovery? Are you safe or must you stay on alert? Svali’s “Day in the life of a trainer” blogs were really interesting – did you find yourself retaining memories in the same way, so that you have one continuous memory of what ‘you’ did in a day?

I’m still recovering, although this year so far has been the best year for that thankfully. I think it’s normal to stay on alert, especially for any odd thoughts or meeting strange new people. After a while though it becomes easy to spot the cults influence and therefor much easier to avoid.

I have managed to keep my memories intact, so if I really want to I can go through the day by day events with everything that occurred, although who would want to! If I really did want to I could recall, however thankfully Svali has done that hard work with her writings.

This year especially I’ve made great progress in my internal worlds with alters, meeting new alters and learning new secrets – along with learning some secrets about integration which will eventually make its way to the wiki.

Tying into the first question: Being such an integral part of the Illuminati’s plans required Fritz, Svali, and you to know very detailed insider information on their plans and workings, that you guys have shared in your writings. How do you find that information impacts you now? I know your main focus is deprogramming, but are there any other areas you’ve found yourself passionate about?

Interesting question. The deprogramming and other areas I am passionate about sort of tie into the same area. I am a coder so I work with systems and have to get things working together nicely. The trauma mind control systems are no different in the way that they have weaknesses and inner workings which can be manipulated.

So it was more curiosity if the mind control could be broken or the extent of how far that can be done. And since it was considered undetectable what is the easiest and most subtle way to detect it? It was these types of questions which I focused on the most. I wasn’t really interested in any other areas relating to the cult or mind control, except for it could be broken and how.

The knowledge that a good programmer posses is vast and ranges many skillsets so this has come in handy for work and certain situations in the external worlds. I’ll just say it is difficult to intimidate me!

Although I had knowledge to be good at computers my whole life, it was only until I stopped the accessing that I was finally able to flourish in that area of work and get paid well outside cult controlled business and break away and get on my own two feet.

Otherwise any progress I made would be regressed and I’d be back to square one with all the accessing, so it was impossible to get out really.

*On a similar vein, is there anything you’d like to set the record straight on? For example, were you vaccinated, and if so, was it to harm you or actually attempt to inoculate you? Or both? *

Vaccinations I can’t really comment on. In the day time everything is supposed to be normal and I got vaccinated just as any other kid would. Nothing right now comes to mind to set anything straight! If I think of any I’ll let you know.

Finally, would you say the internal worlds built into victims – especially the deep religious alters – are a reflection of what the programmers want the external world to be? Meaning that the internal world, and structure of embedded demons, matches what the real ruling order is, or what they want it to be?

These trauma control systems are shared between survivors minds, the illuminati’s quantum based computer systems and the world itself – so not only can the information help identify or work with these systems within the minds of survivors, it can also help identify the cult in the external worlds.

Although the quantum based computer systems are a niche topic, their structures are also based on very similar structures within the minds of survivors. Fritz writes an interesting article in the Formula book that details what they are doing to one survivor they want to do the whole world and everyone in it.

Programmers work is generally a reflection of themselves and the handlers will try instill their own values into who they have to manage. For myself I had very terrible social habits inherited from my father, of which were also abusive. It has taken me many years, although I’ve grown out of them thankfully.

The programmers are doing this to the minds of survivors and also would happily do it to the external worlds the same way if they could, so yes programmers are programming their vision of what they think the future will be.

Obviously these people have very distorted views of reality and it’s really sad some of the lies they will believe. Here is an example.

My cult Father for example has many health conditions of which he believes are hereditary. In reality he just has had a bad case of sinusitis his whole life and has been programmed to be unaware of it as a front.

They use allergies against survivors. The cure for me to was to cut out refine sugars and dairy, and have a sinus flush and everything became good. So in this way I call it the lie of hereditary conditions as I was told my whole life the bad hearing and symptoms of sinusitis were hereditary, as they are related to diet.

Sadly these survivors that are too programmed will keep eating these foods which makes their health worse faster over time and continue to have mineral deficiencies, among other problems. All these factors combined will have very strange bad health effects at least cutting twenty years of a survivors life span.

Deeper alters who tolerate the health conditions are told that they will be put into a new body when that body dies, with handlers even going as far to show them photos of bodily features to ‘pick out’ their new body and look.

This is all obviously a lie and just is used to paint the picture and male the lie more believable that they will have a new body afterwards.