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So would you say that the primary front alter is not a good representation of the core personality? Typically this alter is the one that decides to seek help. Or would you say the core personality is fragmented and shows bits of itself through alters? Would you say it is this core personality that ultimately dictates whether the system attempts to seek help or stay with the cult? From what I’ve read, some systems are never at ease with their cult work, whereas others relish in it.

I think to best answer this question is to explain more about different alters and how they fit into the entire system.

The front alter is just that, a front. In a perfect scenario the front alter will know nothing at all and be under the presumption that they have a totally normal life free from any abuse, along with their family being completely normal.

Regarding personality traits throughout all personality splits, this is a real thing. For myself for example, sense of humour was present in every personality split, along with curiosity. Regardless of any trauma programming or personality splits, these would be present.

That’s more a basic example to get an idea.

The ‘core’ personality actually never gets much of a chance to grow or develop properly, yet still would have the traits of that person – whoever they are at that time. Each person has inherit traits they are born with.

Cutting back to many years later when this person is an adult, the front alter maybe very different to the core personality in many ways, and in some rare cases there will be personality streaks present throughout the whole system.

The personality most responsible for getting out would be the front alter. There can also be a case of where other alters have been trying to work on getting out, yet the front alter is still unaware. So this opens up the possibility for the survivor to deprogram, yet without them having any idea that’s going on.

I have observed actually that when some survivors read the wiki, it seems to set off a spark which grows into them getting out. At the same time I have also seen some survivors realise their situation after reading the wiki, yet only to fall back to how they were a few months later with amnesia of any internal worlds or alters.

There’s only so much I can do, so that is why I always try encourage survivors to learn all the things to deprogram for themselves, as if they get good at it they can deprogram themselves anywhere without relying on other people.

So all in all, a jolt of the truth to the front alter in some cases can make the chain reaction which leads to the mind control system coming undone. The front alter first has to get through denial, which is the hardest and most difficult part. If they do get through denial, then other programming defences activate and that’s when things get hellish. So to make it short, it starts to get intense of the front alter becomes more aware – as they are supposed to never know anything ever.

The alters on upper levels will mostly want out of the abuse and will cooperate with the front alter in working together on the internal worlds regardless of what’s going on. The problem comes more from deeper alters who have been more heavily conditioned, so they take longer to work with and get cooperation. Otherwise at the start you are working also against them and the system with just a front alter and a few other alters.

In the end none of the alters like any of the abuse or dishing it out. The look of relishing it is a symptom of the group cult mentality. If you are stuck in that group and forced to do horrible things to people, it’s generally how you deal with it – and besides if anyone in the group showed weakness they’d then be punished for it.

So to summarise the survivor can only have a real chance of breaking free through the front alter becoming aware and then working with other alters. The alters on the upper levels would be less at ease with cult activities, with deeper alters may seem like they relish it.

After some deprogramming work with deeper alters, although in reality is very rare for a survivor to get this far – they can learn different and seek forgiveness in their own ways and grow out of their old conditioning. The process of alters learning new things and growing out of old habits is the trick to deprogramming, and the same methods that deprogram alters on upper levels also work on deeper alters – although it just takes more time as they are more heavily conditioned.