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How did you first discover you were DID, and what steps did you do to begin your recovery process?

The short version of the story is, when I was in India in 2013 I had come across Fritz’s book online, which is named ‘The Formula Book’. From there I was in denial about the whole thing the following months, and it was only until months later it all actually clicked.

In 2013 there was no deprogram wiki or any information easily accessible. I only managed to find a couple of PDFs with bits of pieces of information about deprogramming, and even then that was limited.

So it was then I kept a journal of my recovery progress each day, and then that eventually led into the deprogram wiki website today.

How did you limit triggering and accessing, especially earlier on?

The truth is I didn’t. The only thing that got me through that was being unaware the extent of accessing. For triggering, this can be defined in two ways depending on the context. In this case triggering means seeing some material that brings up some disturbing memories. So I just avoided that the best I could. I remember even watching Game of Thrones when the new season came out, the black magic and other themes gave me some bad flashbacks.

‘Trigger’ may refer to a code or text that will change a persons alters, so that meaning may have something different.

It was only a few years later that I figured out some tricks on how to handle the accessing and things improved after that.

What advice would you give to those who wish to not only share SRA with those that don’t know, but also would like to help? Obviously, many SRA ministries or therapy centers are intentionally compromised. Any warning signs? How would someone interested in helping victims recover position themselves to help?

It’s a tough one. I agree that any centers or anyone offering help may potentially be compromised and can create dangerous situations for survivors, with Svali also writing that all these places are compromised too. I think the best thing to do at the moment is to raise awareness about the fact that is is going on. These cults can only operate if they are in secret and free from exposure.

So the best way to help is to first bring to light all of this, and from there new ways may open up on how to help survivors. In the future there maybe safer places for survivors to get help, otherwise for now it’s all too tightly controlled.

The Internet still has some last freedoms left, so far that seems to have worked for me to get the message out there the most.

Lastly, regarding Fritz and Svali….is there anything you’ve written that you’ve found especially noteworthy? Anything you found yourself disagreeing with? I’m especially interested in your thoughts regarding the spiritual programming done, as that’s a topic of contention.

From reading this question, comparing to their works? I suppose the noteworthy things would be the more unique bits of information. Medicinal cannabis for deprogramming is all new information along with the use of NLP, vivid explanation of internal worlds and how to navigate the internal worlds is unique to deprogram wiki.

Svali has been able to provide a great perspective, and a lot her work lines up with my experiences and research. Has been invaluable for me over the years. Her recent book is great and helped me with a lot of issues I was facing with deprogramming at the time.

Fritz’s information is more focused on the programming side, Illuminati bloodlines and the elite. There are some deprogramming tips at the end of ‘Deeper Insights’, however they are very basic and I believe there can be better ways. Still was valuable for me to read back then.

Do you think trauma based mind control goes back to ancient times? I am sure our understanding and technology have increased the amount of control but the basis of it is not something new.

Yes, it certainly has its history within the world. Fritz has the best insights to the brief history of trauma mind control, which covers Egyptian times, biblical times to present day. It was during WW2 and the combined efforts of Josef Mengele which allowed the mind control to take new depths which means more control.

I am not well versed in this but artist Kim Noble, an alleged SRA victim, painted the Kabbalistic Tree of Life multiple times to represent her body if I remember correctly. Do you know any details on how it relates to SRA?

The tree of life and many other Kabbalistic themes are used in programming. The specifics I am unsure of, I’d have to try research them more. So the Kabbalistic themes would tie into the spiritual aspects of the programming and each aspect, such as the Tree of Life has a meaning that ties into the programming system somehow.

What groups are involved in carrying this out?

The focus should be more so behind the scenes, than compared to what group. For example in Australia here it’s just starting to come undone the extent of child abuse within religious, community and government facilities. The extent of the child abuse is related to the trauma mind control epidemic, so what we are seeing is one main group using multiple fronts for the same means. This one main group was a strong satanic power base of which was cut in decision making power in 2004. So about 10 years later they are still losing power. Maybe a separate question that one. 🙂

Does trauma based mind control give the controller more control than any other form of mind control?

Yes. It’s the top most total mind control. There is nothing more stronger available for mind control than this. It’s why it was chosen and given so much research by the worlds most powerful as they thought it solved a lot of problems for them at the time.

Can you explain how triggers are set up and trigger one of the alters? This will come up again, so I’ll answer this type of question in more detail then.

Roughly what percentage of people in MSM would you say are mind controlled?

MSM is 100% controlled and the vast majority of people who you see on the TV are also trauma mind controlled in this way. Obviously I cannot tell if every single person ever on TV is, however from the subtle signs I’ve been able to spot from the rare times I do watch MSM, then yes – it’s easy to pick up on.

Are controllers able to control them remotely? If so, how?

Easiest way is through the survivor themselves. The survivor would have deeper alters who would communicate with programmers or handlers in secret, without the front or survivor being aware. That is the most common way to control remotely. There is then technology that can give thoughts, emotions or desires for a survivor that is more machine done.

Have you ever heard of mind control being conducted on oneself?

Yes. Infact the trauma mind control relies on the survivor programming themselves in one way or another on a daily basis. So in this context yes.

Do you believe demons are involved at all?

Yes. There was a question above related to spiritual things. They use demon, satanic or evil spirit themed traumas for a good reason. The programmers themselves pride themselves on their majik and ability to program. They also believe this power comes directly from Satan himself, and then when they die they will rule eternally with Satan forever! The survivor must address theses spiritual aspects at some point, otherwise it will be next to impossible for them to fully heal. The simplest way to explain the demons aspect another way is, the demons themselves cannot have physical bodies within this world – so they use programmed kids or vessels as they like to call them, for the spirits to take control of and interact within the world here. That is the secret sauce of the satanic rituals survivors are unfortunately caught up in unknowingly. The spiritual aspects are some of the most protected aspects in mind control, so getting proper information about this area would be the hardest.

How much of one’s self still remains when one is controlled to the greatest extent?
A persons true self still exists. It’s just buried deep bellow all the trauma and possible to get to after some serious deprogramming work.