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It’s hard however possible. I am sorry for anyone who has to wake up to this, let alone be involved.

I can suggest a few places to start researching. From what I know, it is extremely hard to get real help for this anywhere. You may get lucky, however I haven’t heard of many success stories if at all.

From people offering help for healing from the trauma mind control, there seems to be a few routes. Psychiatrists can give medications, however will generally disregard any of the content as delusions. Psychologists wont give medications, and some may even understand ‘The Family’, however this is a low chance.

The other end of the spectrum is the spiritual ministries which offer spiritual assistance to alters. In some cases this can work however isn’t a solution for everyone. Given the nature of the mind control, religious themes maybe off putting for some survivors.

The best approach is a wholesome combination of therapeutic means, spiritual work and proper deprogramming knowledge. Therapists and ministries will just focus on one of the previous three areas. However combined, these can become powerful tools of healing.

The survivor has to seek their own help and try to heal on their own accord if they cannot find anyone to help. I have compiled my own work, with the help of others, a guide on how to do these things.

It’s broken down into categories, mainly PROGRAMMING, DEPROGRAMMING and INTERNAL WORLDS. Take a look at the deprogramming section as that covers issues you are currently facing.

For other materials, Svali would be most helpful. you can read through her work, and it is also linked throughout Deprogramming Modalities. Reading into her story, she also had a family with children. She had to leave everything, however after some years she was able to get her children and ex-husband and help them also leave The Family.

Try your hardest to post your story here, whatever you like. That’s up to you. I found writing and keeping a journal day to day of what’s going on really helps, especially longer term as you recover more memories and piece events together. Keep us updated here. : )