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Just starting to put the pieces together my self, after years of denial I have some what similar experience. Suspicious teachers that sent obvious Q’s to me often with in class(winking,etc)that also nominated me for a summer camp that had a few missing days that are on the edge of my memory(very hard to vent the truth); some time later I was at a very christian camp and girls knew me in ways that I was very unaware of. Also a job later in life that had a quick start, it seems I was very close to a cult or the cult at that point. There was only one relationship that seemed too good to be true although I am sure that it is real(my memory was very veg I had little to no memory of her and it was up to her kick start my memory) every thing she said was of high knowledge and feeling towards me(way too complicated to elucidate hear), it was just was a huge set up to cause the most heartbreak basically ruining relationships and a sexlife so far.Through out school there was two types of classmates one was people who had knowledge of me that I did not know or I spent a lot of time forgetting what they knew, the second type tended to watch and stay there distance being mischievous.

sorry for taking over a bit, I was pointing out the similarities. I spent lots of time over past few years reviewing stuff that happened in pre teens and teens, I repressed while trying to move on and focus on school and a carrier