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From time to time I get messages to my Reddit inbox. Personally I am very inactive on there however I maybe soon will be doing an AMA about this website.

Hey man.. You sound legitimate, and there are many people out there who I can tell right away are full of sh*t. I believe you mainly because my best friend had a similar background, and taught me a lot about this stuff over the years. Unfortunately he committed suicide in 2014 and he seemed troubled, like people were after him.. Anyway.. I assume you are in ————- if you grew up in the family.. I might be wrong.. I’m from ————- and it seems to be ground zero for MC victims in Australia. Just wanted to pick your brain if you have time someday.

There is a girl I’ve been seeing who has been diagnosed with a possible dissociative disorder, bpd, anxiety, depression… She has been living with a guy who I believe to be her handler since the age of —- (he was — at the time he started a sexual relationship with her) and they are in an abusive, twisted relationship she can’t seem to escape from. So this girl does stuff she regrets, all the time, and genuinely seems baffled as to why.. She has full memory of what she’s done most of the time, and I am sure she’s being passed around for purposes of blackmail, or as a honey trap.. She’s connected to some really shady people and I have noticed recently that she has been getting messages / watching YouTube videos which appear to be obvious trigger videos. She always seems to take a bunch of selfies straight after reading /seeing them, and she looks like a different person in the photo (vacant /glazed eyes).

I know that nobody else would ever have a clue what is likely happening to her, and I guess it’s just pure luck that I have been able to see past her flaws / irrational behaviour long enough to see what’s happening to her.. Her “core” personality is a really beautiful soul, and I still see her as the innocent little girl before all this shit destroyed her autonomy, and her life. I really want to help her, so if you wouldn’t mind speaking with me, I would appreciate your help, this girl means the world to me. I know two others in the same boat, all three seem obsessed with The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. I have seen alters that sound like a small child, and others that sound demonic, speaking in Latin.. And the times I saw those, in all three people, none of them recall what they said afterwards. And all three have an irrational fear of any “eye of providence” symbology.. And the worst thing about all this, is all of them went to child care in ———— around —–..and remember being taken away from the centre to a “scary house” during the day. I just need to speak to someone who doesn’t think I am going nuts. I have an IQ of 165, and I am f*cking good at reading people. This sh*t is real and it’s so frustrating that nobody believes it exists, and don’t even want to take the time to look at the evidence.. I hope you can help. It’s ok if you can’t, or you are uncomfortable speaking about it. I will understand if you don’t contact me, and it’s ok. Thanks,

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I am travelling around and sometimes may take up to a week for me to reply.

And thanks for your words. I’ve been through a bit to get this information out there, and years and years ago I searched anywhere I could for fresh information – however as you said it’s mostly just sh*t. All the information I found that was helpful for this I have put on the site Deprogram Wiki

I was born in —————- yes. Although the problem is rather wide spread. ———— is heavily ‘infested’, along with —————. It really is Aus wide.

Sounds like this girl is a genuine case, and is obviously being used as a sex slave.

Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors – this is my own work about it all, there is one section you will find relevant for this – along with how the ‘kitten codes’ work. An Example of Beta Programming

Sadly as of right now there maybe not much you can do. It really is an intensive 24 hour job that can take years to properly get a person out of this. The best thing to do would be to make awareness of it – as if enough people wake up to it and see how easy it is to spot (as you have) then it becomes rather useless.

If you try a direct approach it wont work, so avoid that. For a persons who is in this and has no idea, some subtle hints may work with a gentle push to where the truth maybe. If she read the deprogram wiki it may help her, however she would then have to deprogram and everything that goes with that. She seems to be in no position to, as if she is dependent on handlers it’d be impossible for her to deprogram.

It took me more then a few years to get off any dependence with family, was hard but I managed to do it.

Sorry I can’t type more at the moment,

Thank you so much for the advice. Sorry I only just saw your reply 🙂 I have found so far that what you have said has been pretty much exactly what I am finding with her. It is so frustrating when she has moments of “clarity” and I get my hopes up.. But, like a homing pigeon, she can’t be away from her handler for more than a week… I think part of her is aware and believes this stuff, but that protective mechanism inside her surfaces every time and angrily denies any suggestion that the symptoms look similar to her life for a reason.. Sigh.. Thanks again so much for taking the time to reply.. I look forward to chatting to you in the near future, but for now I am flat out at work so I will hopefully find some free time soon and speak some more.


Thankfully things are okay for me.

I guess maybe some good news in the midst of it all, and to also try keep it simple – there are two types of persons that are programmed, non-hierarchy and hierarchy. Those within the hierarchy are more involved with rituals and deeper things – where as the non-hierarchy are less important.

So if she just had BETA programming and was non-hierarchy, she’d have a much easier time getting out compared to someone who is very high up and invested in the thing. My honest assessment is she already maybe somewhat of a security risk for them anyway. Given the situation and her contact with genuine outsiders means she may not be as controlled as someone very high up, so this may reflect on her programming and the extent of secrets she may know.

The cult is also very tricky. Even if you did manage to keep her away from him, there are still many others. Svali recently wrote an article that explains it much better then I can Accessing: Why it Occurs, and How to Prevent It (Svali Blog Post 2017)

I’ll make a new website update soon with some more helpful information.


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  • I am looking for knowledge with in me that I know that I do not remember(if that makes sense), so I have been reading your site for a year and Svails new posts and still nothing new that I am looking for. Is their any suggestions I can work? I do the NLP some times but nothing I am looking for

    thank you

  • Hello toallwhocareandseektohelp! Good to see you again. This is actually a very good point, and is something I do need to write about in Deprogramming Modalities at the least. Over the previous few years I have noticed some survivors make more progress then others, yet some may not make much progress at all. Despite the information being the same, this still happens.

    Some persons maybe quick to dismiss the ‘deprogramming techniques’ which are explored, however this is incorrect. The knowledge there is still good to explore your internal worlds and meet new alters.

    If you want to make progress, then having a safe place within your internal worlds with a few working together to help and meet new others. Only then by meeting new alters and interacting with them in your internal worlds safe place – you can gain new information.

    In Svali’s latest book, her last chapter is dedicated to this very topic actually.

    Chapter 17: Why People Don’t Heal
    Many, if not all, survivors want to heal. They enter into therapy, begin the hard work, pray, spend their money on therapy and books, journal, join online support groups and “do all the right things.” Yet, the survivors struggle. Healing doesn‟t happen as quickly as they had hoped. Healing is a lot harder than they thought it would be. And some choose to walk away from healing, or stay caught in a perpetual cycle of pain without full healing or integration. Why is this? Is it lack of desire, or faith, on the part of the survivor? In most cases, no. Then why is it that some people appear not to heal, or to heal very slowly? There can be many reasons for this apparent lack of progress. In this chapter, I will address some of the major ones, but this is not meant to be comprehensive.

    The chapter then goes over a few points. Fear being the number one blocking of healing or learning new things, accessing can also undo any deprogramming attempts and leave you without any memories of even trying to deprogram. So to properly heal safety needs to be considered.

    For me it took many many years to even get to a safer place. Sure I could deprogram myself, however it was an uphill battle considering I was being so easily accessed by the cult.

    Only after I stopped and slowed the accessing I was able to have much better clarity with my own internal worlds and the other alters and was able to finally heal properly. So a safe place within the internal and external worlds is vital.

    It saddens me also that there are no official support centres or anything of that nature for survivors. Seeking safety within the community maybe futile. I only managed to get to a safe place by going overseas and completely removing myself from my Family situation there. Here I was accessed at the start, however worked on staying safe. Simple locks on the hotel door were able to keep them out, also considering too that I am deprogrammed enough to tell them to ‘f*ck off!’ if they want me to open the door for them.

    You can use the ‘unconscious’ finger response trick that I describe in Deprogramming Modalities to learn the extent of accessing. The great thing about that trick is, it doesn’t matter how clever they get at covering their tracks – the unconscious still knows all of what happened anyway. In this way you can determine the ‘pattern’ for their accessing. In my case it was always when I was outside somewhere, and never in my hotel.

    I hope this helps!

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