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Svali Speaks Again

Svali has returned with a new blog

Questions and Answers – June 2017

Q: I ‘m in the early stages of remembering the program i received (what a gift !!) when as a child. I began remembering i would say 60 % of the program.For now,most of the memories are autobiografic without much emotion.As if i was experiencing the events from outside (sometimes,it’s very painful though). It is more and more difficult to “dissociate” especially when i have new memories.

I have a question. I can’t ask you when i will feel better as programs are different and people are different. But more generally speaking,when is the bottom ? when can i expect to feel better? Is it when i will remember the last memory with full emotional intensity?Is it before? To your personnal experience,when was it?

A: All of this is really normal, what you are describing. It is the very first stages.

There is the ’initial shock’ when a person realises all of this. The hardest part is what you are in now.


The first three to six months can be really hellish, however after that period and you have a better sense of the ’internal worlds’ and have a handle of the ’external worlds’ – you can find a balance and hopefully get by with life…

I want to make an update for the website with information about this, as there are some others who are also asking and seeking help. I hope this update will give you some more help. – In this topic also I replied to someone who is also just remembering.

I know i’m on the right path but my situation is getting worse and worse.
The memories are not only autobiographic but also more and more vivid,painfull and emotionnal.
I really do not understand how it’s possible to do that to a human being.
I think that 99% of my program is based on hypnosis.
From one hand,it’s a good point but on the other hand, i had so much imagination when i was child that i fear i will reealy need time to remember all i visualized during the hypnosis.
Death is very important on my program and has been associated under hypnosys to an event i really lived. I know that everything that has been put in my mind is a BIG LIE but the pain is real :/

Thank you again for your website and your help

A: You are on the right path, yes. In terms of ’worse’ or ’better’ – at these early stages it is best to simply focus on one day at a time. Some days will be better then others.

The memories can be very realistic. For myself, I first read this material early 2013 and experienced the same as you are now. It is 2017, so that was four years ago for me. Thankfully these days are much more normal for me now.

What helped me then was learning some knowledge. – this is the simplist knowledge which may help. – This is a big read, however also good and it helped me a lot. More so then any ’Psychiatrist’ ever did. Avoid them.

This knowledge will help you learn about the ’internal worlds’, or at least where the memories are. For example they are probably like a full screen HD movie! With some practice you can turn the memories from HD movie to a black and white tv in the distance. Doing this makes the ’feeling’ less intense.

Now another thing I wish I had was CBD oil. I met one survivor and had some of the oil. He was also in very first early stages. One drop of this oil he went from anxious to really calm. It also helps with the internal worlds and the strange pains and body effects that may arise. Please (!!!) do some research into the laws of your country before you order this as there maybe some legal issues. In any case you can order online at this store – – I have used this store for myself here in Australia and it has gotten to me fine. Yes, it is illegal here (!!!).

And what you are saying is very real. I am unsure how else to say these things, so I will just say them as truth. The ’death’ and hypnosis stuff is more a programming defence. You are remembering more things, and you know the truth now. So there will be some consequence from this. There are parts of the mind control system that will work against you. This is completely normal however and all persons who have had this done to them have to go through it. So be aware that’s all it is, and if you work through it it will get better.

The next step to focus on would be learning about the internal worlds. Reading about the NLP knowledge may help with this. –

Work on making a safe place in your internal worlds and seeing who else you can meet or who will help. There will be some good thing and some bad things. You may meet others who will want to help. For example, you may meet a new alter that knows a lot about the internal worlds and can help more.

Q: Thank you very much for all these advice.
I’m going to read the books you suggested me.
And thank you again for having time to answer me.

Since i began to have new memories, i started to understand a little bit more how my program works.
It seems to be based on a wizard of oz programming.
There is a pyramid and i must respect the limits of the pyramid on pain of death ,apocalyps and many others desasters.
It’s seems also to be based on double bind coercion.Each alter or aspect of personnalities has its contrary (for example, good /bad,man/woman,culprit /innocent,fearful/intrepid)
Each personality is a text i had to learn by heart and is also linked to an experiment under hypnosis.
This double bind coercion obliges me to dissociate,to be paralysed and to follow the voice,the path of fantasy tale i was told.

I need your help about what makes me worry the most for now.
I experienced twice a kind of flood programming.When it happens,i’m flooded with new memories and pain and as they arrive at the same time,i don’t have the time to cope with them one by one.As long as a memory is not coped with,it makes me really crazy.
I think the flood programming is the worst part i have to deal with.
It seems it is triggered as soon as the system is aware that i try to heal.
I read on the website what is said on flood programming but i’m not sure i understood everything.I tried to negociate,to reason this function but i’m not sure i succeded.
I also tried to tell this function to be less agressive when i say a specific word.
It worked but it is as if i was not feeling natural myself with this transplant.I was obliged to remove it.I feel more myself without but i also miss a safety net in case it happens again.

Do you have some advice about this particular function.?
I’m very very very very worry about that.
As memories are more and more emotional,i really fear a new flood.

Another reason for my fear comes from the fact i believed and i read on this website that i will never die from my memories
But i also read this website about flood programming and it made me doubt.

Especially this sentence : ”In order to boost your chances of surviving”

I really appreciate your help in these hard times.

A: My programmed was also based on ’Wizard of Oz’. You are correct to respect the pyramid, other things to focus on for now. One rule is to never force any changes or force anything within the internal worlds.

Honestly I am surprised you are catching onto these very fast, what you are saying is rather accurate. The double bindings, hypnosis and memories relating to that.

The floods are a defence, yes. And you are smart to learn it has a reaction, when I also tried to heal or poke my system I would also get floods. My only advice with these is to try learn the NLP material. The floods are hard and the best I ever did with them was soften them, now how you do that is up to you.

They will eventually run out. So once the memories are no longer fresh, the ’flood effect’ will less or stop. It may take some months, I am sorry. The CBD oil will also help give relief.

You will always live. If you have made it so far then you have good hopes. It’s more the ’initial shock’ and people not knowing which leads to death. You have the proper knowledge of what is going on, so that is the main way to defeat the ’suicide programmings’.

In the initial stages I have seen with everyone so far, the part of the system responsible for this is ’The Shield’. They are the parts that are working against you at the moment. Once you focus on having a safe place and meet some others, you can try work on The Shield and stopping their activities – which will make things easier.

Reddit (more soon!)

Q: As a former programmer yourself, couldn’t you provide techniques, methodologies, even specific programming scripts? That would be invaluable, as there’s not a lot of info from a programmer’s perspective. Most of the specific scripts are very outdated. I’m also very skeptical of the claim due to the laughable Frozen example given on the wiki, as well as what seems to be a notion of deprogramming done through internet chatting.

A: The ‘Deprogramming Modalities’ is my work, so it is my techniques and methodologies for an attempt at deprogramming.

Due to the mass nature of the mind control, focusing on specific scripts would be too time consuming. They’d number hundreds or thousands easily, along with music also. That number would be growing also. Then take into consideration other parts of the world. Chinese programmed people wouldn’t have the same scripts as others for example.

There seems to be a few main scripts that are used as a base which are mostly covered already by Fritz, and from there could be anything. It also depends on the time frame of when the person was programmed and in what part of the world.

Instead the approach that any type of programming regardless of script can be broken. So that is the emphasis Deprogramming Modalities has. I still could however if provided with a movie or script – reverse engineer it and make some sense of it programming wise.

Programmers often use emails or chats as a means to secretly talk to alters or give instructions. Some deprogramming was done over internet chat, and most in person.

And yes the Frozen example is kind of lame, however trying to explain this to an outsider who doesn’t have this knowledge – that’s the hard part. It’s more to suggest that movies and scripts are used in programming in that nature.


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