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Greetings! August of 2015 marked the first appearance of this website Although attempting to combine all of this information for other survivors, it has come at great costs to myself and others. Such is the game of cat and mouse.

The year of 2016 was especially heavy, coming under many planned attacks by the Hierarchy of colour coded doctors, or whoever these people like to be. These attacks were very large scale and also very sophisticated, involving the use of proxy mind control survivors and even to the point of accessing non trauma controlled friends to implant post hypnotic suggestions to ruin and sabotage more my efforts. Along with the extensive social engineering, my virtual infrastructure of which hosts this website and my clients web services was also attacked and sabotaged.

It’s taken me several months to recover and in the process I’ve lost many things that are dear to me. I have seen every trick in the book! And also all the tricks that aren’t in the book. This is all good though! And such is the learning process I have signed up for. My only hope is that from my experiences others may benefit if faced with the same situation.

Powerful People Dislike this Website Because:

  • Trauma mind control or undetectable mind control is the crux of this ‘modern world’.
  • The information on this website impedes or could potentially stop this invisible era of proxy mind control wars.
  • Child exploitation, and generally any exploitation of people through pornographic or industry means – has trauma mind control generally at the centre. If the world caught onto how easy it was to detect this mind control, it’d cut billions from many industries – including child abuse and pornographic industries that rely on the mind control for human and sex slavery.
  • The world is essentially run on top of this trauma mind control theme. For people to realise it exists, there is vast implications of how that will echo throughout the external worlds. It will change everything.
  • So generally the powerful people invested in trauma mind control as a means to make trillions of dollars, dislike that I am doing this for free and am still alive.

New Features

  • Due to the nature of this website some information may trigger an unpleasant response in survivors. This type of information is now placed in a ‘spoiler’ area. This simply means that the reader has to click before reading the content – and should help prevent some issues as described.
Example of sensitive content revealed by clicking.

This is an example.

  • New web hosting, with much faster content delivery. New software base also which should result in the website being more easier to use and flexible. Due to the previous DeprogramWiki coming under a barrage of impressive cyber attacks – I have done what I can to prevent these attacks from reoccurring.
  • I’d like to make more a community based website around this information. Some of the feedback I’ve received seems to suggest there is some demand for this.


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