Sojans Mental Health Adventure – What’s Typical when some Survivors Leave The Cult

Warning about Free Mental Health Services in Australia

If you are a survivor or suspect that you are, avoid Psychiatry at all costs, especially in Australia. From my personal experiences, every public free hospital I have received ‘psychiatric treatment’ at has been tainted. If you are a survivor, avoid hospitals and avoid doctors unless you are absolutely sure they can be trusted. We have attempted to compile a list of corrupt/dirty/dangerous Psychiatrists at Potentially Dangerous ‘Professionals’.

My Open Letter to Queensland Mental Health

This was my ‘self report’ I submitted to the Tribunal Hearing on the 10th of December 2015. It has been modified slightly, removing identities and tailored more as an ‘open letter’.

Thankyou for taking the time with my hearing, and also taking into consideration to have my request for the hearing bought forward to an earlier date.

On the 13th of November, I awoke to two Psychiatrists in my bedroom. I had no previous warning or calls from Family or Mental Health services regarding this, so was quite alarmed at their presence.

From this initial assessment, it was noted that I was having auditory and visual hallucinations among other things. This puzzled me further, as during the assessment of me just being woken up, no such questions were asked to clarify if such hallucinations were present. I went to the hospital completely voluntary and then some days later, had an ITO initiated due to posting a recording of a Psychiatrist review onto my private Facebook page.

The ITO was initiated due to potentially damaging my personal and business reputation. However, there has been zero evidence to support any damage at all to my reputation by sharing this recording. Quite the opposite has happened in reality. I’ve gained some attention on The Internet and social media from my work regarding undoing and helping people cult groups that exploit this ‘trauma based mind control’. I compiled my experiences working with survivors of this ‘trauma based mind control’, and compiled it into a wikipedia style format, it’s had some attention as it relates on how to identify these cult groups and their mind control survivors and how to start healing from the past. Also most importantly, it shares how to stay out of the cult groups.

I can backup everything I am saying with facts and also evidence of which are all legally obtained. I also have more then a few people who have known me personally over the years and can testify to my own mental health and the work I am doing as genuine. So as you can imagine, there’s more then a few people following my story and the outcome of my dealings with mental health services.

I’m sad to say that despite my Father even saying to the Doctors how there are inaccuracies in the notes, these inaccuracies have crept through into the doctors notes for the tribunal. It’s no secret that my Father worked for the ASD, previously known as the DSD. You can see on the Australian Signals Directorate wikipedia page that they changed their name from Defence Signals Directorate to Australian Signals Directorate or ASD. So he worked for the ASD, or at the time the DSD and retired many years ago. As usual, the context of my ‘delusional content’, or at least this recent admission is childhood era related.

I also not once ever mentioned the word Illuminati, let alone an agenda to take over the world for my previous two admissions. It’s these additions to the notes which are false, yet are partly used to unfortunately justify a schizophrenia diagnosis. Already online I’ve published my mental health history, and also all the inaccuracies along with audio recordings that conflict with the Mental Health Act of 2000. I have no plans to peruse this in the courts, as I have little faith in that system and have no desire to be compensated. Simply having the truth out in the open and sharing it with as many people as I can is satisfying enough.

I believe if correct information is presented to a Psychiatrist, then this diagnosis would be different. I am currently seeking a second opinion, as I feel the diagnosis of ‘delusional disorder’ was more fitting given the facts, as that was already my previous diagnosis. I am certain too if I was reviewed by ten different Psychiatrists privately, the diagnosis would be vastly different.

The original doctor who made the diagnosis of ‘Paranoid Schizophrenia’ is nowhere to be found on these notes. He was filling in for Dr Bhat. The notes are incorrect in assuming that it was Dr Bhat who made the diagnosis and was responsible for my treatment plan. Sadly it seems I’m going to have to apply for Freedom of Information to simply get the name of this doctor.

I have been fully compliant in all respects regarding treatment. Sadly I’m already experiencing sexual side effects with my current treatment. Having been able to save enough money for my partner to visit, you can imagine how this would have a negative impact on my social and personal life. In terms of treating my ‘thoughts’, this has not yet been achieved through medication. I’ve been having these ‘delusional thoughts’ for two years, and recently have gained some evidence to backup what I’ve been saying. Evidence which is on the Internet at the moment, of which the Psychiatrist said he did not have time to look at.

I currently have a shower each day and are sleeping normal hours. Previous to my admission however, it is correct that I was pre-occupied with what’s on the computer to the point where I didn’t sleep well for two nights. I do feel though it wasn’t as bad as made out in the notes, as I was at least brushing my teeth each day and simply eating fruits on a daily basis for almost a week. I also showered every second day, or before I’d leave the house. The lack of protein in my diet would have made me ‘lost weight’. Honestly if someone hinted to me to better myself, I would have. But there were no previous attempts to talk to about this issue from my parents or mental health. The night I did manage to have a good nights sleep, was when the Psychiatrists showed up without warning the next day. Left alone, I’m certain I would have been fine.

Despite the negatives mental health seems to bring into my life, I have a great support base of Family, my friends and partner. I currently live with my Family, and am deciding what part of the world to visit next and may meet my partner overseas again!

I have brilliant prospects for the future in regards to travel and also for business. Recently I took on two new business clients who contacted me through Facebook, despite the audio recording on Facebook. There has been zero damage to my business activities and business reputation. Also noted under the previous two years of care, there has been zero evidence of any violent behaviour and also zero evidence of any suicidality. I’ve been fully compliant with medication and voluntary in all respects.

The only damage that has arisen is from my time being hospitalised, it’s hard to run a business and delegate work to employees who rely on you to feed their families, from being in a hospital with no internet. Queensland Mental Health in a strange ironic twist, have permanently damaged their own reputation simply by myself sharing my experiences with their services openly and publicly. This is evident in reality and more importantly the minds of thousands of people who are into my work of therapeutic ideas for trauma based mind control survivors leaving these cult groups.

(a friend) whos Father also worked for the ASD and who was abused in the same way. He visited me at the hospital each night, and shared with one of the nursing staff his experiences and suggested I was simply telling the truth. Sadly, this was dismissed as “shared delusions” or I simply got him to come in to say these things. How many more people need to speak out? Also my partner, although born in the USA, was subjected to trauma based mind control. Her family is also affiliated with Intelligence agencies and the military.

There are currently six others on my Facebook alone, who have been affected the same way. And that’s just for Australia relating to the ASD. They are simply scared to speak out against the abuse that goes on within ‘Government’ organisations. Considering I am not afraid, you can see how this has made me wildly popular as an underdog for survivors of trauma based mind control around the world. The publicising of the recording was more a demonstration of what other survivors of trauma mind control have to go through, if they decide to be too public about the issue.

After releasing my work, the feedback pertains to it as been described a ‘badly needed resource’, and is already helping many other survivors of trauma based mind control around the world. So my work has a genuine basis to the point where it is helping others who were in my same situation. The reason why this work is becoming popular is, no one else in the world has released a guide on detecting and undoing trauma based mind control.

Personally I am not so concerned at the outcome of the hearing, as I’ll be going overseas and relocating to another part of Australia down the track anyway. My reason for discontinuing medications previously, was the fact that I was going overseas for an extended period of time. My previous trip was to Texas. Where to next? who knows. : )

History of Mental Illness

You can preview a summary of my mental health notes over here Sojans Involuntry ITO Tribunal Documentation (Older). I’ve open sourced the notes which give insight to my first two admissions, however have removed the names and identities. I’ll briefly provide an overview of the years, along with any supporting audio recordings or documents to provide some truth. A truth that Queensland Mental Health would deny!

2013 Admission

The first one is always the hardest one. I don’t have many recordings from that time, but few have survived the test of time.

Initial Psychiatrists Meeting

Psychiatrists show up at my parents house unannounced and uninvited to ask me to go to hospital. Years later I learned that all my previous ‘reviews’, it was already decided that I was to be hospitalised previous to the assessment. Thanks Freedom of Information.

Forced Injections

Here is an audio recording of my meeting with Dr Satya Haritha Devineni. Personally, her methods are crude as she relied on deception and cheap trickery to get what she wanted out of me as a patient. In this audio recording, you can clearly see her disregarding my concerns over the side effects of the medication – and her pushing the ‘depot’ injection. She then proceeds to lie to me about how my Family thought it was a good idea, then she offers over night leave in exchange if I get the injection, hinting I’ll have to stay in hospital longer if I did not agree.

Even at the first tribunal hearing (independent board who reviews all involuntary treatment cases), they noted this was strange as I was already complying with oral medications and there was no need for the depot, hinting the ITO should have been dropped when I was compliant with medication. This same doctor also made up a plethora of lies and misinformation, which I have disputed here Sojans Involuntry ITO Tribunal Documentation (Older). Despite having evidence to support her claims are false, my notes did not update nor change. Psychiatry are not into truth.

The initial medication ‘Respieridone’ that was given to me by the above doctor, it was noted that I was allergic to this in my 2015 admission. In the audio recording, we can clearly listen to her dismissing my complains about the side effects when in reality I was having an allergic reaction each time I had this medication. She then decided to inject me with slow release medication of the same type, due to her believing I was over acting or making up the allergic reactions.

From this allergic reaction I still to this day, despite being many years later still have acne. Before this I had none. My parents would be able to confirm this. When speaking to a doctor about it they obviously denied such a thing could occur despite acne being listed as a server reaction to the medication.

Dr Satya Haritha Devineni also denied me a second opinion by stating she was my second opinion. Along with the above side effects, constipation lasted longer then two weeks along with having mini seizures one hour after taking the medication. My parents are able to confirm this also as they did in the first letter to the tribunal hearing letter. There is simply no way any one person can make up all these side effects, which in reality was an allergic reaction.

They were all dismissed as delusional and the same medication was then injected as a depot in the muscle. By these ‘delusional allergic reactions’ it was also noted that I was treatment resistant and non compliant with oral medication which is most likely what also led to ECT treatment without my consent or knowledge and made the depot injections, despite being uncommon, the default for every admission after this. Despite being 100% compliant with all medications they defaulted to the depot injection because they thought I would not take the oral medications. All stemming from the first allergic reaction and my desire for a change of medication, which was also denied.

On my freedom of information at the least it seemed that the decision to hospitalise me was made pre-assessment, which my social worker said shouldn’t have happened. It is right there in the notes. So in this instance I’d presume that ECT was the plan from the start. Essentially I was detained, drugged and honestly putting electricity through anyones brain is torture – especially drugging them with amnesic drugs afterwards to have retrograde amesia for the whole event – is an international violation of human rights let alone a violation of inpatient rights.

And to do this on each admission, simply hoping that I’d never figure it out or remember for my entire life? Makes you think what I’d to do them if I did figure it out. 🙂 Never forgive. Never forget.

I figured out this was happening on the second admission in 2014, but what could I do or say? Very easy to pass off the mental illness card in this case, which is a perfect cover for abuse because who’d believe you anyway. I am smart enough to know the subtle symptoms of ECT let alone amnesic drugs days later. It’s also very obvious if people keep telling you you’ve repeated the same simple statement over and over again for days.

2014 Admission

No audio recordings with this one. Although I had a Dr Bonev. Her bottom line was “There is no proof for any of this, therefor they are all delusions.” More stemmed from me not wanting to speak to my parents or having anything to do with them. For them, that is a symptom of my ‘mental illness’ returning. When in reality they are in a whacko cult and have zero clue.

Recent 2015 Admission

Third times a charm right? My recent admission was one of the more fun ones to go through, especially since this time I had an exit strategy planned from the get go. I also have a lot more audio recordings from this admission, along with the most recent scans of my mental health notes summary. I was expecting an admission to be honest, and generally if you expose identities of nazi mind control doctors you get an admission quick.

Scans of Mental Health Notes


The summary of my mental health notes was exactly the same as my previous ones, except with a few edits. There were a few new paragraphs at the top, with half of it edited out. Sadly they edited out the parts where they mention I am helping other survivors or any of my work in that area and just got the parts that made me look ‘crazy’.


They had to rush this one, with even my own Father agreeing a lot of it was simply made up. When questioned about how all the material was essentially invented and had zero reflection on any true reality, the reply was ‘Well we try to avoid that when we can’.

Initial Happenings on the Friday the 13th

I had no warning what so ever. After a good nights sleep, I was woken up around 1pm by two Psychiatrists of whom my Father had let into the house. Little did I know, that my Mother had called Mental Health services by what I was posting on Facebook.

Yes I had been concerned over the fact that I recently revealed who this ‘Dr Red’ guy was, and also exposed the Australian Signals Directorate. Seemingly enough, a few days later I was in the Psychiatric ward.

I was given the option to go voluntarily, or to be escorted by police a few hours later to the hospital involuntarily. Given the previous two admissions were based on involuntary means, I figured it was best to go voluntary. I had two hours to pack my things, and head to hospital.

I would then spend the next 14 days hospitalised! This was Friday the 13th! Of all dates.

Some of the recordings need to be cleaned up, just waiting for them to be cleaned. For now here are the recordings.

The Audio Logs

During my hospitalisation, I kept an audio log with my recorder on an almost daily basis. I found this generally helps me document not only my stay, but other interesting things that come to mind. I hope to provide transparency where Queensland Mental Health cannot. The last few days of audio logs I cannot find, but they weren’t as interesting as the first week.

Saturday the 14th of November 2015

I consider this ‘Day 2’, since my admission was on the Friday the 13th evening. So any mentions of day numbers onwards are counted like that. This day was just generally trying to work out what was going on, nobody would tell me if I was on an ITO or not, I only found out a two days later that I was properly fully voluntary.

Sunday the 15th of November

Sundays are always quiet in the wards. No Doctors are there on weekends, so everyone has to wait for them to get their asses in. Friday is a great time to be put into the ward, as you are guaranteed to waste more then two days of your life waiting to be seed by a Psychiatrist.

Monday the 16th of November

Seen by a Doctor today, and worked out a bit more about the nature of my admission. I think that day I learned I wasn’t on any ITO’s and still fully voluntary.

Second Official Review by the ‘Captain’ and another Psychiatrist

The audio is a little rough, and hard to hear the doctor – so I am doing my best to clean it up. For now here is the audio recording, which I call the one ‘that got me into trouble’. After posting this recording to my Facebook, they initiated the ‘Involuntary Treatment Order’ based on the fact that I was harming my own reputation by posting the recording. I tried to argue in the tribunal hearing that my reputation was fine, and has only increased as a result. Which is what the reality was.

It was from this review they concluded that I was a “Paranoid Schizophrenic”, due to my changes in demeanour.

Tuesday the 17th of November

This was the day they initiated an ITO on me, since my Father told them I had put a recording of the meeting on Facebook. Took me a bit to work out what was going on. For some reason they couldn’t put it together that my little music device could also record audio. Thankfully they didn’t take that from me! Nurses and mental health staff are generally clueless and easy to fool anyway.

Wednesday the 18th of November

No phone. No leave. No internet. Total ban from everything. Officially on an Involuntary Treatment Order. Had a peek at my notes by standing on my tip toes – and found some more interesting information on my file, claiming that I was having suicidal thoughts and auditory and visual hallucinations which were false, and even more strange they never asked any questions relating to these thoughts or hallucinations. Met the ‘Captain’.

Thursday the 19th of November and Friday the 20th of November

Wasn’t having a good time, since they’d give me no leave at all and still totally banned from all things. This recording I think has some Thursday and Friday stuff I mixed accidentally.

Psychiatrist meeting with parents Friday and requested if I could have leave from the ward, which was granted although a total of two hours per day on hospital grounds until further notice.

Saturday the 21st of November

Speaking softly with this one, as it’s late at night and I couldn’t sleep. Finally got to leave the hospital today, but just for five hours. Was refreshing after being stuck there for a week! I may have been accessed or at least recieved ECT treatment without my knowledge or consent on this night. Over this weekend and abused by the cult, although at that time I was still clueless it happened. I voice my concerns of the therapeutic capacity of the Doctor that was treating me.

Sunday the 22nd of November

This day was the day the meds and the hospitalisation was hitting me hard, and I was starting to become dependent on benzo’s to sleep. I had a lot of symptoms of short term memory loss, and repeated myself with even the most basic of statements. It was obvious something had happened at least, as even my friends at the time noted the short term memory loss. This would have been from the previous night.

I mention my friend who’s Father also worked for the ASD, who came into the ward to speak to the nurses about the ‘mind control’ at the Australian Signals Directorate. This was dismissed as shared delusions, or I’ve asked him to come in and say these things to make me seem more sane. They are reaching for any explanation other then the truth!

Monday the 23rd of November

Marks 10 days of forced hospitalisation. Breaking the benzo dependence to sleep. Doctor meeting today. Feedback from nurses is good. Doctor did not have time to see me. Increased my medication dose. Dr Bhat is to see me throughout the week. Protip: Dr Bhat was not under mind control, but the Captain was! And so was the person filling in for Dr Bhat. Although given my position at the time, I thought it’s best not to try tell them they could potentially be mind controlled.

Tuesday the 24th to Friday the 27th

The new Doctor, Dr Bhat was much more reasonable. I cannot find the audio recordings for these times, but they were uneventful as they were the few days previous to my discharge from the hospital. So it was mainly discussing that, and my thoughts regarding discharge and my fate afterwards. I did not take any audio recordings of the other Doctor’s reviews, because I felt the initial one had ‘more then enough’, to give some insight to what was going on.

Tribunal Hearing Recording

This is the recording of the Tribunal Hearing. All patients who are under an ITO receive a hearing six weeks later to determine if the order is still required. This is an insight into that process. Overall I felt the hearing was fair in their decisions. Sadly the order remained, and I simply started to pack my bags to leave the state. Leaving the state is the quickest way to get out of medication, as Mental Health do not have jurisdiction outside of their own state.

2018 Onwards

Communications with QLD Health and the Australian Defence Force regarding the above involuntary admissions and case of child sex abuse.


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