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Do you have any animal alter? If so how to reintegrate them, do i spend time experiencing/watching them?

With the lights halo thing, do you mean something like this>>

I had this pop into the forums. Honestly I am still tweaking this, as it can come under attack by spam. In any case I found this question.

The ‘halo’ lights, yes indeed look something like the above picture, however they can extend out for the whole field of vision and will, for lack of a better description, rotate and dance around as you move past the lights. Certainly much more intense then the above picture. If you had a persons who hadn’t received MK and a persons who had, there will be discussion of the difference that is notable. The ‘halo lights’ are discussed in Deprogramming Modalities as a common link between most MK survivors.

For myself yes, I had animal alters of various natures. Mostly puppies and dogs, compared to the classic Kittens. My best advice for working with any alters is pretend as if you have met them in the external worlds. So what would you do if you met this animal? Be nice?

If you already have some other alters, then you can ask them to look after the animals if you can move them to your safe place. After time in the safe place the animal alters, after interacting with the others – may grow out of their programming. Creating food stuffs within the internal worlds can work great also, as the animal alters would also enjoy things to eat or activities to do within the internal worlds.


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  • Thanks for answering my question. I saw your post/link to this place on 4chan, I’m thoroughly being enlightened by your book.
    I didn’t realize how meshed up my life and mind is. The common links section I found very enlightening as they are very specific to things in my life. Regarding the lights, I purpose went out to Manly last night to look at street lights, at close as possible (im shortsighted). I can definitely see a halo, which stirred me up a little.
    I experienced my first alter, a buck/male deer the other day. I’m still very new to the internal world’s thing, so I’m still quite sceptical of these memories it shows me. I enjoy watching move and jump around. One interesting note is girls take more notice of me while I’m visualizing the male deer running around.

    The thing that clued me in was reading the favourite colours question, only reading a portion of it and being undecided whether it was blue or green. It was followed by red and black. Plus the fact I was reading this on holiday (a last minute one), and I’ve never considered going to South Australia before. Additionally, I experienced and worked though a ton of suicidal programming that came up as soon I took interest in the mind, conspiracy and spiritual alternative subjects.

    Also another angle you could add to your common links part is people you like or say something interesting to you and you never see again. The most interesting one I experienced is a substitute teacher in year 8 telling me that I was short sighted, and I thought that was the way world always looked. Never thought, saw or heard of her again.

    I’m currently struggling with my memories. Through listing events in my childhood I’m trying to visualize and place events that briefly recall. In particular, I can’t remember at all huge chucks of holidays, and I usually experience some kind of migraine/extreme fatigue. For example, in 2011 I won a trip to UEFA Champions League Final. When travelling to London I experience Jet Lag. During the match there was party I attended with Sony higher ups, I think the European CEO was there. I experienced a bloody nose while there and became very disillusioned by it. But besides that I can barely remember any of the match or the party. My question is, how do I know if what I remember of an event is real or is it just my thinking that it happened that way?

    P.s. I understand, (still new), about family and friends being very unhelpful regarding aspects of your mind. Hang in there buddy

    • Rostar! Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you are starting to get clued into the whole phenomenon of mind control. I am still working on accounts so I am sorry if I’ve accidentally deleted your account.

      The initial stages can be hard, especially when discerning memories. Yes, the mind control system is smart enough to give you fake memories, however this shouldn’t mean that real memories can be recovered. For myself, I tend to analyse the visual quality of the image. You yourself sound rather visual within your internal worlds. My fake memories were almost holographic, in a way you could put your hand through them. The more real memories seemed to be more solid. I hope this helps in some ways.

      It may take some time deprogramming to clear up properly exactly what has happened. For years I was under the impression some memories were real, such as where I was really born, among other things. Turned out that some were false and some where true. Time and persistence and clever detective work will help piece together the real memories.

      I recommend to start writing a journal or diary, try write it day to day and note any new memories or alters. If you stick with this, it will help a great deal – especially after some time.

      Please feel free to register an account or post a new topic in the forums, as they maybe much more visible there. Happy to answer any questions when I can.

      Best of luck.

  • I have noticed the halos a lot more now and have got back to playing games with them, like switching from side to side. I am wondering if my presence would bring up memories in other people or to put it switch alters. I have had not lots but a a fair amount of people my age going through school revile lots of info I did not know about my self and that it all seems to lineup(be true in many aspects despite a separation of schools,years and across the entire city), I am suspicious of it all because it seems helpful in many ways a bit too helpful. Is it possible that they were genuine, and that our shared experiences/trauma bring out the truth.

    Thank you

  • Hi there! Sounds like you are noticing the patterns. You may have been dealing with alters in other persons your whole life.

    Sometimes they slip, make mistakes and can be arrogant. So you can get a few ‘too good to be true’ at least memories which help piece things together.

  • Hi, reading this has explained a lot. I went through shatter programming 2 years ago and had no idea about any of this. I was/am being attacked with internal implants. Anytime I get onto a train of thought that leads to the deeper truth I get frequency’s shot through both of my ears. It makes it difficult to dicipher what’s mine and what’s currently implanted. I left the county and started retrieving some memory’s. It keeps feeling like I have different sets of eyes, while looking through a different set everything turned blue. I got past the blue and there were tons of alters behind a locked door. I turned the doors into swinging doors and two came out. One was a child/tiger that could only feel her hands and feet while watching someone get tied to wood and lit on fire(traders death) and I stood there thinking she looked like a tiger. This alter also had a memory of getting water boarded in a hospital setting and I also had a memory of having my eye taken out and put back in.When she first came out her eyes looked like they were glowing. The other alter quickly came out and was silent. I’m having touble understanding what’s mine and what’s implanted, because everyone around is scanning something on me with there iPad or phone, and certain people are able to broadcast there own voice in my head, that’s separate from the other voices. I was set up by an FBI agent my mom married. My three sisters are programmed to they just don’t know it. Do you know what information the people who scan me get? Do you have more specific information on the FBI programs. I’m finding very little info on marionette programs, that from what I read are different than the monarch program. Him and his FBI friends were catholic. He was head of the swat team in San Francisco, and had other clearances. Do you have more info on what teams of 4 do? I recovered memory’s of my sisters husband selling me and my daughter to wealthy men, in a hotel room on vacation. They keep coming in snippets and I’m having trouble navigating complete memory’s. I have a scarred brain stem but I feel like my visuals are extremely hindered. When I started overriding the implants and gathering memory’s , I started seeing clear dots and got scarred they were going to give me visual hallucinations for taking control of my visuals, and the made my eyes hurt. When I started getting into my different sets of eyes, I started getting snippets of memory’s but they were coming out like a film with the top half of the picture cut short. I could only see body’s not heads. Any advice or insight into my situation would be greatly appreciated.

  • I also started getting snippets of my neighbors assaulting me. I then had one of them start talking in my mind. “This is a message” then it went back to the other voices through the implants and I started getting visuals of a triangle on my forehead. I then got told I was going to get rapped with a strap on. I woke up in the morning sore with a pubic hair in my mouth(ughhh) I was gathering memory’s from before the external harassment started. I had a memory of an arrogant man helping me move my couch out of Uhaul, he was being a prick I got pissed off and I instinctually started walking behind him stealthily like an animal stalking prey. I snapped out of the daze and wondered what the hell I was doing. I’ve tried calling a deliverance minister, who called back and used NLP methods on me and manipulating the Bible. My car has something in it that sends out harmonics. My entire life is being hyper controlled. I keep getting told if I get my daughter out of this there going to kill me. I don’t know how to get safe to deprogram. I was getting off to a good start talking to alters and unwinding things put they keep buzzing me out and laying things over my head that block me from making it stick. Im not sure how much they control the mail and don’t know where to get a frequency jammer sent. The mail man took the last one and the other one got damaged and didn’t work. I’m sorry this is so off topic. I know this is for the depths of deprogramming not the technology. I’m hoping someone on here is knowledgeable enough to offer a good solution. Also how do you guys know your deprogramming efforts aren’t being manipulated with exterior subliminal tech? The implants can also flash images that are separate from the memory’s and false programmed memory’s.

  • I highly recommend staying out of hospitals and phyche wards and getting zero brain scans. I ended up getting implanted and and brain scanned, while I was going through shatter programming and didn’t know what it was.

  • I don’t think you this should be done without a frequency jammer. If you are implanted it can use someone’s well meaning efforts of teaching deprogramming, and be used to Teach an alter how to program other people. To top off the programming the tech has an ability to remotely control your body with the heavy metals in it. As extensive and helpful as this is to understand what’s happened, how the technology works with it is a huge important missing piece. The only known solutions to get rid of it is to emp attack your body(which can cause the tech to degrade in your body, and cause health issues down the road) or get a frequency jammer. Also, heavy metal detoxing. Fastest way to heavy metal detox is by making a magnet bed. 72 ferrite magnets, that measure 6x4x2, space them one inch apart, negative of the magnet up. That will add a negative charge to the positive charge in the toxins, and allow your body to despell them without damaging yourself.

  • What does the color of the doctor signify?

    Also, do you have more information on what the nursery rhymes are used for?

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