How the Cult Makes Money (Svali Blog Post)

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How the Cult Makes Money

Besides its agenda of power and spiritual abuse, the cult (specifically here the Illuminati) has another basis for existing: making money.

Many people are unaware of the large amounts of money that have been generated by the illegal/criminal activities that the cult is involved in. In this article, I plan to share some of these activities, based on my memories of being a member of the Illuminati in both Virginia and San Diego, Ca. I will not use names to protect myself, all activities are “alleged”. I will let the reader be the one to decide if my “allegations” are credible or not.

Before I address the cult’s money making enterprises, I do want to address one other thing: the huge amount of time that the cult spends in silencing its members. From earliest childhood on in generational groups, and as adults as well, members of groups involved in the types of activities that I will discuss have one overriding rule: you do NOT tell, you do NOT remember, or you will be severely punished. A child growing up in this group will have seen set-ups and actual torture sessions where a person who told or remembered was brutally punished. This creates an unforgettable impression on a young mind, of say a three or four year old. They are usually inclined to not tell, either as children or as adults. I am taking a huge risk myself in writing this article, but I feel this information needs to be known. I cannot sit still and let darkness triumph.

In the few cases where children did disclose (see my article on “Survivors speak out on remembering”) they were not believed. This is why more members do not speak up on the activities that they have witnessed at night, even when they have left an abusive group. It often takes years of therapy and working through these traumatic memories before the former member feels safe enough to disclose what they know. My hope is that my article will be the first of many that others will write, revealing the seamier underside of these abusive groups. Perhaps the public will decide that these groups must be stopped. This is my greatest wish.

Any group must have income to survive. The logistics demand it: gas for travel, for uniforms, for expenses. Wealthy members may help fund a group, but it is better if the group can come up with its own expenses. And the Illuminati have done this at the local level quite well.

How do they make money?

1. Pornography, both child and adult. Pornography is a big money making business around the world. This money is often made at the expense of young children, to feed the appetites of those with money to spend. The cult will often ask parent to “lend” their child for photography sessions, often starting at a very young age. (I have heard of three year olds being used). The child is taken to a private studio, usually based in someone’s home. This is the first step in a long and heartbreaking life of being used for pornography, that will continue until the child grows into adulthood.

The child will often be drugged to make it more compliant. It will be praised for a job done well, given candy and praise and attention. (I had to sit in on a few sessions when I was a teenager in Virginia, to learn about this part of the group’s activities). Trainers will help create “personalities” that will willingly work in this area of making money, and will then get these personalities addicted to drugs or alcohol to make them more compliant.

The people who create the photos/videos are usually low-ranking cult members, or they may not even be members. The parents who supply children are brokered through other members of the group. But the money is funneled upwards, through four layers (or “buffers” as they are called) to the real financiers of these enterprises. The men/women creating the pornography receive a “cut” of the money, ie paid for what they do. But some of the money is sent to intermediaries, who launder the money through charitable front organizations before it reaches the hands of the upper levels of the cult. They, much like the Mafia, always receive their share of the money, and invest it in banking enterprises. They will also help provide good lawyers and protection (again, through several layers of intermediaries) to protect their “investment”.

2.Prostitution. Again, like pornography, this is a huge money-making enterprise. Children and adults are both used, in much the same manner. Cult trainers also work with these individuals to create “personalities” that will come out on cue and perform their duties. This can range from ordinary prostitution to being high level “consorts” to political figures. They are also often taught to set up a political figure, with hidden photos, if the cult wants someone they can blackmail or try to control. They are also occasionally sent to pastors of churches, to break up the church, or to extract information needed from a client. The money is laundered through the same methods discussed above, and the true financiers will invest it either here or abroad. (Belgium, Cairo, Egypt, and Liberia are favorite investment countries). Several large well-known financial institutions involved in national and international banking have been involved in these ways.

3. Gun running. This can involve the shipment or transport of arms anywhere in the world, across the Canadian or Mexican border, or on private ships around the world. Illegal arms generate a lot of money. Again, the true financiers are buffered by several layers from the people doing the actual work. The couriers often have no idea who is actually funding the runs, they are taught to do their jobs unquestioningly. They work on pain of death to not disclose who they are actually working for, and there will always be a dummy “front” group whom they are ostensibly taking shipments for. Again, several layers up the money is laundered. There are benevolent groups that receive checks from hundred of sources for small amounts, that add up over time, and the money is broken up and sent out to these groups, or to the hundreds of sponsers who will reinvest the money at a later time.

4. Drugs. The cult is often involved in making money from drug smuggling and selling. The Mafia is well aware that there is another group of people involved in illegal enterprises, a group that they do not like to mess with. There is an unwritten but well understood division on the streets about which group controls which territory, as well as frequent “business partnerships” between the Mafia and lower level Illuminists who are intermediaries. There are at least three to four levels of intermediaries between the distributors and smugglers who are actually involved, and the people who are behind the financing of the operation. None of the levels know who they are actually working for, as a protective mechanism. Front groups and cooperations are created to divert the knowledge of where the money is finally ending up.

The cult also uses drugs during its programming sessions, to control lower members, and to reward good performance. Higher level members of the group are not allowed to use drugs or alcohol, since it impairs judgement and makes the person a security risk. But they have no qualms about letting lower level members, such as prostitutes or smugglers, become addicted to drugs as a further way to control them. Also, “accidental” overdoses have been known to be used to dispose of someone considered a security risk or no longer useful.

5. Buying and selling military access codes.On military bases around the world, there are large computers with access to almost any other computer system. Access codes that allow entry into these systems go for large amounts of money.

In San Diego, I used to help set up or even acted as a courier a couple of times to buy access codes for Camp Pendleton. There were three people on the base who were contact people, under orders to advise us when codes were going to be changed (on pain of death). Military access codes (to their computers) are changed at random intervals every few months, and the contact people would alert the cult to this fact. An exchange of money or goods would be made in return for the new codes. Often a harmless looking person, such as a housewife, a college student, or even an older teenager would pick up the code by meeting the contact in a specified place off the base, but nearby. The cult (Illuminati) would then make money selling these codes to interested individuals.

There are other activities that the cult is involved in to make money, including selling security information; blackmail and extortion, hired assassinations, to name just a few.

The Illuminati will have administrators on every local leadership council whose job it is to administrate the local group’s finances, among other duties. During leadership council meetings they will report to the leader on the accounts, how the money has been invested (using front corporations, of course), and how money has been spent. There is a huge amount of accountability, and no one in their right mind even considers embezzling, since retaliation is swift and sure, that makes the Columbians and Mafia look like charitable people.

Accounts and their access codes are locked up within encrypted programs on disk that only the administrators and the local head of the council can access. Funds are quietly invested in stocks, bonds, in local businesses, in charitable and benevolent groups, in creating false businesses, or even real ones that divert the money flow. This is all accounted for during council meetings, as well as special financial meetings.

The cult is a huge money-making enterprise. As such, they can afford excellent lawyers and expert witnesses to protect their members should any allegations be made against them. They believe with a certainty that they are truly invulnerable to litigation, “above the law” and laugh arrogantly at the thought of ever being caught. It will take years of investigation, courage, and the willingness to survive intense harrassment before the truth about this financial web could be known to the general public. My greatest hope is that someday, this group will no longer be able to profit at the expense of human lives, especially those of the very young and innocent.

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