Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4 Early Splitting The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are split again, and templates for systems are created and organized. Spiritual programming is also conducted in a more methodical method. The first organization… read more »

Vatican book part 4 – Svali Blog Post 2021

book part 4 Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this information was meant to help therapists understand programming by a large occultic organization, and could be very triggering for survivors. IV.     Programming Methods In this section, I will discuss some of the methodologies that the Jesuits use to train and program the members of their… read more »

III. How are the Jesuits financed? – Svali Blog Post 2021

III. How are the Jesuits financed?   The Jesuit Order is financed through the offices of the Vatican, the wealthiest organization on earth. Most people have no idea of the vast wealth that this epicenter of the Roman Catholic Church holds. The Vatican Library alone holds books that are priceless, many of which have never been… read more »

Vatican Book Part 1 – Svali Blog Post 2021

Vatican Book Part 1 Six years ago, I wrote a book about the Vatican for therapists, and have only shared it privately until now, except for 1 excerpt in a blog post awhile back. Over the next few weeks and months, I will be posting the book here online. I believe that in this time, this… read more »

Are Vaccinations the Mark of the Beast? – Svali Blog Post 2021

Are Vaccinations the Mark of the Beast? Note: due to the censorship regarding opinions that conflict with that of mainstream media, this post may be taken down; I suggest saving it in case this site is taken down. Due to a number of emails asking what I think about vaccines, I have decided to write a… read more »

The Occultic Agenda – Svali Blog Post 2021

The Occultic Agenda   Trigger Warning: the things shared in this post have the potential to be very triggering for some survivors In recent months, the reports on the news have become quite alarming at times; it feels as if I am hearing on the news the things that I was told (and helped plan)… read more »

Some Thoughts and Prayers – Svali Blog Post 2021

Some Thoughts and Prayers In 2000, I had written on my blog that in 2020, the cult had planned to change things and come into the open more, and they did. Discussion of a “secret cabal”, a “deep state”, an “elite that runs things” is now done openly in the media. With the events of the… read more »

America at the Crossroads – Svali Blog Post 2020

America at the Crossroads Nearly 20 years ago, I noted in one of my posts that 2020 would be a year of huge change for the occult world, when the world would be able to see the agenda becoming more public. I noted in my book, Breaking the Chain at that time that the goal of… read more »

Some thoughts on fear – Svali Blog Post 2020

Some thoughts on fear During the past few weeks, the media has extensively covered the coronavirus situation. While of course, it is important to take precautions, just as one should for flu, I also believe that during this time, it is important to rest on God’s promises in scripture. Psalm 91 is one that is especially… read more »