Glossary of Terms


An intelligence term for setting up proof to support the cover stories the intelligence agencies give their agents and assets.


Is often found doubled or reflected, forming the Monarch Butterfly, which is the signature and main trigger applied in Monarch Mind Control.

Aversive Conditioning

Is the use of something unpleasant, or a punishment, to stop an unwanted behaviour.

Attitudinal inoculation

The process of making people immune to attempts to change their attitudes by initially exposing them to small doses of the arguments (opposition) against their position. This process gives explanations to behaviour, arguments, and beliefs of opponents. The explanations may be highly biased and inaccurate but depending on the source of the misinformation may significantly… read more »


Opposite of Disassociation or Dissociation. Association just means being close or near to something. You can associate with something by moving closer to it. When it comes to traumatic content however, you can understand why it’d be good to dissociate instead of associate.


Programming wise may relate to the analysis and synthesis of information, usually about a person or persons, for the purpose of appraisal. The assessment of individuals is based upon the compilation and use of psychological as well as biographic detail.


A central Masonic belief stating that one can become a God.


Anomaly is someone who deviates from standard patterns with no proper explanation as to why. Anomaly’s are considered rare and in demand for mind control programming, as they are the ones that generally innovate. Generally this term can also be used within BEAST / Quantum systems and also the external worlds – as they the… read more »


An NLP term. Means stimulus that influences someone’s state of mind. Can be used for good and bad things. For example, anchoring a good state of mind by touching the shoulder and reapplied again later on if done properly. For a survivor this is good, as if they are in a negative state of mind… read more »


Is a temporary state that causes unconsciousness, loss of memory, lack of pain and muscle relaxation.